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Review: ‘Lost in Space’ Season 3 is a Stellar Exploration Into Uncharted Territories

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Lost in Space is poised to drop its third and final season on December 1st. I was given the opportunity to preview the first four intense episodes of the season, and I can already tell you that fans are in for a wild ride. With both heart-pounding moments mixed with tender scenes between an incredible cast, this final journey with the Robinsons promises a proper sendoff for this fantastic show. 

Warning: Some spoilers from the first four episodes of Season Three of Lost in Space are below!

The show picks up a year after the events of the season two finale. Judy (Taylor Russell), Penny (Mina Sundwall), and Will Robinson (Maxwell Jenkins) escaped along with the 97 children they were instructed to protect. Having landed on an unknown planet instead of Alpha Centauri. The planet they have been trying to get to since the initial season. 

On this unknown planet, Will Robinson had been working hard to repair their starship to get them to Alpha Centauri. Though without enough titanium, they won’t survive the trip. Judy, the current captain of this mission, is balancing her duties to her people as well as finding information about her missing biological father. The trio’s parents, Maureen (Molly Parker) and John (Toby Stephens) are stranded in space with the other parents who sent their children away with the Robinson children. The show truly lives up to its name, with the entire family scattered and lost in space.

One of the first things that enamored with this show was the set design and planetary locations. And this season continues with it. The planet that the children are stranded on is gorgeous with a blend of practical pieces and CGI. Both of which work together seamlessly to transport the viewer to another world. 

The Robinson children stand out amongst the other actors. Everyone is incredibly strong in the show, which speaks to how exceptional Russell, Sundwall, and Jenkins are in this show. Russell especially shines, as an individual who is still trying to find themselves while also being in charge of almost 100 people. At times you see the young adult struggling to make some difficult decisions. While also exhibiting wisdom and strength exceeding someone her age. 

Parker Posey is amazing as June Smith/Dr. Zoe Smith. She captures the wicked side of an individual who has a secret to hide and a strong desire to stay alive. At any cost. However, there is a side of Zoe that is silly and kind of awkward. The writing and direction for the character show the dichotomy of someone who wants to do good, but also wants to survive. I look forward to seeing how her storyline wraps up in the back half of the season.

The relationship that Will Robinson has with his Robot (Brian Steele) is fascinating. I never thought I would find myself caring for a robot so much. The dedication that Robot has for the safety and security of Will and the rest of his family was truly heartwarming. 

During the first four episodes, there were times that the pacing felt a bit off. The action sequences were adrenaline spiking, but between those moments were some seriously slow scenes. The family interactions were exciting but some of the other points are not so much. The slow moments weren’t so glaring that I couldn’t forgive them. However, at times it felt like an attempt to fill time. 

So far this final season has been good. I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment I have spent with the Robinson family. While I don’t know what the last four episodes have in store for them yet, I’m certain that it will be extraordinary. Anyone with a family should check out Lost in Space because at its core it’s a show about the love of a family. 

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