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Review: The Jonas Brothers: Five Albums. One Night. The World Tour

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Anyone around my age remembers the boy band and girl group craze that took over the world beginning in the ‘90s. You were either an NSYNC or Backstreet Boy person, or subscribed to the cult which was Spice Girls. These are just three of the many groups that came onto the landscape in the ’90s and ‘00s, but it began a craze that never quite slowed down. This brings me to the focus of this review, the Jonas Brothers, a band of brothers who took the world by storm thanks to the help of Disney and some catchy tunes.

The Jonas Brothers was formed back in 2005, with their first album It’s About Time released a year later. However, siblings Kevin, Joe, and Nick gained more attention with some of their later albums along with their acting in Disney Channel’s Camp Rock, its sequel, and the subsequent series Jonas. They rose quickly to fame, crashing just as fast, with the band breaking up in 2013, with the brothers choosing to focus on their individual careers. But to the happiness of so many, the group reunited in 2019 with a new album, Happiness Begins, and a tour to boot. 

Fast forward to 2023, The Jonas Brothers have released their sixth album, titled The Album, and are once again setting off on a world tour to celebrate. With this tour, the Jonas Brothers plan on honoring each era of their music discography. Should The Jonas Brothers Five Albums. One Night. The World Tour be on your list of shows to see? Continue on to find out.

Securing Jonas Brothers concert tickets

I wish I could say that getting the tickets for this concert was easy, but unfortunately, they were some of the most difficult ones I and my friends have procured. Granted I have never attempted to get Taylor Swift tickets, so I’m sure that grabbing Jonas Brothers tickets is nowhere near as difficult. 

That being said, tickets for the show were selling out quickly within minutes of them opening to the public on Ticketmaster. My friend was the one glued to her computer the day they became available and the closest we could manage for three tickets was the upper bowl. Not ideal for someone who has a fear of heights, but sacrifices must be made to see a band that you enjoy so much. I’m not sure exactly how other shows in the Five Albums. One Night. The World Tour sold, but I would guess that if there are tickets available for any of the other stops, they are slim pickings.

Stadium vibes

The concert was at Little Ceasars Arena, the same place that Paramore stopped a few months back for their This is Why tour. Similar in fashion to Paramore’s show, the Jonas Brothers concert began at 7 p.m., with the doors opening a bit before then. The arena had the standard security and ticket check, before allowing you into the building itself. LCA is set up with an outer ring and an inner stadium. 

Once you get through security and the doors, you’re within the outer circle, where you can find a plethora of food and alcohol establishments in which to eat and drink. There’s a mixture of sit-down areas that sell Detroit staples, as well as food vendors scattered around with tables for standing at. Of course, there were also many merch booths that had tons of shirts, hoodies, and other Jonas Brothers memorabilia for fans to purchase. Did I need that $75 hoodie? Absolutely not, but hey when you’re living in the moment sometimes you just have to buy the merch.

The Jonas Brothers 2
Picture of the entire setup for The Jonas Brothers Five Albums. One Night.  at LCA.

LCA also had a Jonas Brothers-inspired drink, harkening back to one of their earlier popular songs, “Burnin’ Up”.  The line for the drink was astronomically long, so unfortunately we passed on that because we didn’t have time for both the drink and the merch. At 7, the concert officially started and people made their way to their seats.

There were two components to the stage set up at the venue. The first was the main stage, which consisted of one large platform, and an upside-down Y protruding from it into the middle of the stadium. From there, there was a sectioned-off walkway from the stage to a smaller platform at the other end of LCA. This adjacent platform housed a piano for the brothers to use, as well as some fancier lights. It also allowed a select few sitting at cocktail tables to get up close and personal with the Jonas Brothers.

Opening acts: Lawrence

Joining the Jonas Brothers on every stop of the North American leg of their World Tour is Lawrence. Lawrence has a similar origin to the Jonas Brothers, with the band founded by siblings. Clyde and Gracie Lawrence have been creating music together since 2013, and have released three studio albums. Lawrence is currently comprised of eight people, utilizing vocals, tambourine, keyboards, drugs, alto, tenor, baritone saxophone, bass and electric guitar, and a trumpet.

Lawrence performed eight songs across almost 45 minutes of playing, which is a pretty solid amount of time to play. Sadly, I was unfamiliar with the band and the songs they played, however, there were definitely some people in the crowd who were beyond excited to see Larence on stage. The band played songs such as “Casualty”, “Shot”, “Do You Wanna Do Nothing With Me?” and ended the set with “Don’t Lose Sight”. For being unfamiliar with Lawrence, I was impressed with the energy that they brought to the stage. They may not have been on my radar before, but they definitely are now.

The main event: The Jonas Brothers

Finally, at around 8 pm, The Jonas Brothers arrived on stage to the screams and cheers from fans around the stadium. The brothers rose from under the stage in the two points upside-down Y and the midsection where the two branches meet. With smoke pouring out from the holes in the stage, the brothers stood there taking in the thunderous applause, before launching into their song “Celebrate!”, officially kicking off the almost three-hour performance.

The Jonas Brothers 1
The stage as The Jonas Brothers come out for their performance.

With the tour being named Five Albums. One Night. The Jonas Brothers had a huge promise to fulfill, which they seemed to accomplish. Throughout the performance, the brothers played each and every one of their albums, forgoing the first one. It was set up that each album was played in its entirety, in order, with their newest album interspersed between all their old albums. The show progressed the audience through the history and journey that the brothers have taken to get to this moment, highlighting the journey that all the fans have taken along the way.

While the brothers did play every song from these albums, not every one was the full song. At least once per each album, they would play a medley of some of their lesser-known hits and save the full songs for those more well-known. It is truly an ingenious way of including your entire discography into a single performance.

It was great to hear so many of my and my friend’s favorite songs, spanning from our teenage years to adulthood. However, the concert itself was plagued with some sound issues. I’m not sure if it was because of where we were sitting, which was on the side of the stage and in the upper bowl. However, not only were there problems with Nick and Joe’s microphones, which went in and out the entire night, but the music itself seemed to be a beat too quick for the brothers. So the entire set was out of sync and at times unenjoyable to listen to. It was hard to even make out what the boys were singing or what song was playing because the jarring effect of mixed-match music and lyrics didn’t settle right in the ear.

Some songs, usually the slower ones, sounded a bit better and you were able to make out what tune you should be singing along with. This also wasn’t a problem I noticed with the opening act. Whatever was happening, it definitely hampered the excitement a bit for the performance.

The Five Albums. One Night. World Tour continues

The noise issues aside, I still had a great time with my friend at The Jonas Brothers concert. We sang, we danced, and we enjoyed the company of every other fan there. Hopefully, the sound issue was just for our stop, because if that’s fixed when the tour rolls around to your city, this concert should definitely be on your list to see.

The Jonas Brothers are currently on the North American leg of their world tour . Have you seen them or plan on seeing them? Let us know on Twitter or in The Cosmic Circus Discord.

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