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‘The Batman’ at Home vs. the Theater Experience

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When The Batman was released last month I had no hope for this movie. I was sick of The Long Halloween storyline and I had no faith in Robert Pattinson or DC. I’m so happy that I was proved wrong and it has quickly become my favorite comic book and favorite movie ever. I loved it so much that I saw it in IMAX multiple times. And now we all get to enjoy it at home!  

I grew up watching many different iterations of Batman since my dad is a fan as well. The Batman on the WB channel in 2004, Batman the Animated Series from the 90s, and the Arkham video games were huge staples in my childhood and even now as an adult. Then as a teenager I delved into the 60s show which was so silly and fun. Watching this movie felt like a culmination of everything I’ve loved about Batman since I was a kid. It felt like there was a bit of everything taken from previous Batman projects and put into the Batman/Gotham Matt Reeves has created.

The extras that come with this on HBOMax are a great look at behind the scenes, especially learning more about Robert Pattinson and Zoë Kravitz’s connection to the characters. The LED Volume extra was mind-blowing to look at and what they were able to do with the set.

What they were able to do with the Gotham city skyline is especially beautiful. Gotham is described as a character on its own so being able to have the actors interact with it enhances their performance for me. I like that they were committed to creating Gotham with the Volume instead of just using a blue screen for a majority of filming.     

the batman
Robert Pattinson as The Batman (Warner Bros)

I’m happy to say, for me at least, watching The Batman at home has not lost its glamor from the theater. The best thing about finally getting to bring this movie home is being able to dissect my favorite scenes. Being able to pause a scene where there is a lot going on in the background and catching something I didn’t see in theaters is fun to see. 

To celebrate The Batman’s release on streaming & digital I’m going to take a closer look at a few of my favorite scenes.

[Warning: Spoilers for The Batman discussed below!]

Batman and Penguin’s First Meeting

The Penguin (Colin Farrell) is so different in this adaptation than what we’re used to seeing. He is usually portrayed as a silly guy wearing a top hat and carrying around a ridiculous umbrella. I like the mobster take on his character and I think that it works really well for a live-action adaptation, especially with the tone Matt Reeves has created.

Penguin’s home base, the Iceberg Lounge, was also very different from previous adaptations. “The club within the club” that Gotham’s elite enjoy was a great way to keep their “privacy” – though it was easily exposed. I’m excited to see how Penguin taking over Carmine’s position will affect not only the club but the entire city as well.

But the 44 Below isn’t really a safe haven for Gotham’s elite anymore (since a lot of their secrets got out). So I wonder if Oz will also have to rebuild the reputation of the entire Iceberg Lounge.  

the batman
Colin Farrell in The Batman (Warner Bros)

All’s Well That Ends Farewell 

The score is just incredible during this last scene and I love that there is so much left unsaid between Batman and Catwoman. The shot of them side by side on the bikes and then parting ways was bitter-sweet.

Batman watches her disappear in his mirror and then looks ahead. It shows that he wants to be with her but Gotham is his first priority. Matt Reeves’ commentary in the extras you can buy of this scene sums it up best, “Two people who want to be together but they’re not going to be. And that of course leads into the deliciousness of when they’ll meet again and how the next time they meet they might be even further on opposite sides…”

I have a feeling Reeves is going to drag fans along this long “will they/won’t they?” journey that we’ve seen for years in the comics with their relationship. But I also don’t expect to see Selina in the sequel. I think the next time we see her she will be well into her time as Catwoman. Especially since it feels like Reeves is teasing that the pair “might be even further on opposite sides.” 

Batman (Robert Pattinson) and Catwoman (Zoë kravitz) from The Batman (2022)
Batman (Robert Pattinson) and Catwoman (Zoë Kravitz) from The Batman (2022)

Carmine Falcone’s Death 

I know a lot of people were upset with Carmine (John Turturro) dying so soon, but I liked that it paralleled the story he told Bruce at the funeral. He was shot in the chest, like he had been years before when Thomas helped him.

Something else that stuck out to me in that moment was when he looked up at Bruce. I immediately thought of Falcone’s line from the funeral “I remember your face” while he was dying. Part of me is theorizing that he recognized Bruce as Batman before he died and the other part is telling me he didn’t. 

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