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‘Alan Wake 2: Night Springs’: A Wonderfully Weird Addition to the Mythos

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Alan Wake 2 is one of the best games in recent years. It won three awards during last year’s Game Awards and has been one of the most beloved games by fans since its premiere. For a long time, fans were demanding DLC expansions for the game. DLCs were a big part of the first Alan Wake game. During the Summer Game Fest, Sam Lake officially announced the Night Springs DLC which released the following day.

Night Springs tells the story of three characters from Remedyverse, who are having weird and thrilling adventures in a What If…? scenario about how Alan Wake tried to escape from the Dark Place. Let’s check them out!

[Warning: Spoilers from Alan Wake 2 DLC Night Springs are below!]

Rose Marigold in the “Number One Fan” episode

The first episode in the Night Springs DLC for Alan Wake 2 is titled “Number One Fan”. It delves into the unsettling story of Rose Marigold (Jessica Preddy), who passionately idolizes Alan Wake, and thinks of herself as his #1 fan.

Players take on the role of a fan whose obsession blurs the lines between admiration and madness. Rose, who is already familiar to fans of the original game, is reimagined in this DLC. She becomes the main character of this story, embarking on a quest driven by her unhealthy and obsessive love for Alan Wake. Her journey is marked by weird encounters and psychological horror, capturing the unique atmosphere of the Alan Wake series.

Jessica Preddy as Rose Marigold in Alan Wake 2 Night Springs DLC
Jessica Preddy as Rose Marigold in Alan Wake 2: Night Springs DLC (Remedy Entertainment)

The episode from the beginning presents us with her narrative utilizing supernatural elements, enhancing the sense of fear and weirdness. It’s showing us a perfect example of mixing psychological horror with supernatural events and obsession. As Rose navigates through shadowy environments, her story slowly unfolds, revealing the darker aspects of her love for Alan, and most importantly the impact of Alan Wake’s influence on his followers.

Rose encounters various shadowy figures that seem to be manifestations of her deepest fears and desires. These encounters are not just there to level up the fear value. They serve to deepen the narrative, providing a deeper exploration into Rose’s psyche and her complex relationship with Alan Wake’s world. The puzzles and challenges she faces are intricately tied to these supernatural occurrences, requiring players to think creatively and stay vigilant.

The environments in Number One Fan are designed to reflect Rose’s shattered mental state, from her home filled with Alan Wake memorabilia to the wonderfully looking streets she wanders. Every place we go is a testament to the game’s atmospheric perfection. Thanks to the unique use of lighting and sound, which further amplifies the tension and creates a sense of unease, we get another atmospheric story full of quality moments.

Jesse Faden from Control in the “North Star” episode of Night Springs

The second episode, “North Star”, re-introduces fans of Remedy games to the character Jesse Faden (Courtney Hope) from the game Control. We get to play as Jesse and navigate through a narrative that perfectly mixes the mysterious lore of the Alan Wake universe and the full-on sci-fi themes and elements of Control. Set in a world where reality can shift and change, this episode explores cosmic and coffee-themed mysteries that add a surreal twist to the gameplay.

Jesse’s journey is full of bizarre encounters and puzzles that require players to think outside the box, leveraging the unique mechanics reminiscent of Control’s gameplay. This crossover enriches the Alan Wake universe and provides a fresh perspective on the interconnected stories of Remedy Entertainment’s games.

Courtney Hope as Jesse Faden in Alan Wake 2 Night Springs DLC
Courtney Hope as Jesse Faden in Alan Wake 2: Night Springs DLC (Remedy Entertainment)

Environments in this episode are dynamic and changing whether we want them to change or not. That challenges players to think quickly and adapt to the weird mechanics of this episode. What I liked about this episode is the inclusion of Jesse in this world. We know that somehow one big Remedyverse is connected in a way, but now we get something that pleases both fans of Control and Alan Wake.

The character development of Jesse in “North Star” is handled with care, depth, and honor to the story of Control. For the players who have never played in Control, Jesse’s backstory is slightly revealed through interactions with other characters, flashbacks, and discovered documents. These revelations add layers to her character, making her more than just a small cameo of Jesse Faden. The emotional stakes are also high, with Jesse grappling with personal demons and existential threats.

Tim Breaker in the “Time Breaker” episode

In the third episode, “Time Breaker”, players step into the shoes of a character that blends the identities of Shawn Ashmore and Sheriff Timothy Breaker. In the beginning, we can see Shawn, being in a studio with Sam Lake and some of the crew, recording the “Time Breaker” for Poison Pill Entertainment. The game tells the story of a multiversal agent who has many names and is searching for his lost love in parallel realities.

Thanks to the greatest minds in Remedy, in this episode we go on an exciting journey through the multiverse and parallel realities. We’re confronting different enemies and the multiverse itself, at least in a way. Breaker’s storyline is full of a complex mix of action and suspense, as he grapples with his multiple identities and the existential threats that loom over him. This episode stands out for its innovative use of the “reality shift” mechanic, allowing players to alter their surroundings and strategically tackle challenges they encounter.

Shawn Ashmore as Tim Breaker in Alan Wake 2 Night Springs DLC
Shawn Ashmore as Tim Breaker in Alan Wake 2: Night Springs DLC (Remedy Entertainment)

The environments in “Time Breaker” are the most visually stunning and complex in the DLC, and maybe even in the whole game. We navigate through a series of shifting landscapes, each more surreal than the last. We are in the past, in a black & white comic book world and more. The use of time manipulation adds an extra layer of complexity, as players must alter the timeline to solve puzzles and defeat enemies. This mechanic is not just a gimmick, but a core part of the gameplay, requiring players to think critically and plan their actions carefully.

The episode’s pacing is tight, with each revelation and twist propelling the story forward, keeping players engaged and invested. These sequences are balanced by quieter, more introspective moments, creating a rhythm that keeps the gameplay dynamic and engaging. Furthermore, Shawn Ashmore’s voice acting brings a lot of emotion into the character of Tim Breaker, making him an even deeper character than in the main story.  

Overall thoughts on Night Springs and the upcoming DLC “The Lake House”

The Night Springs DLC for Alan Wake 2 is an outstanding addition to the series, enhancing the overall experience with its rich storytelling, atmospheric design, and innovative gameplay mechanics. Just like the DLCs in the first Alan Wake game, this one gives players something that fulfilled their expectations or even exceeded them. Each episode, while standalone, cleverly ties back to the narrative of the Alan Wake universe, offering a fresh, yet familiar experience.

The episodic format allows the players to explore those stories without the need to know the whole story of the main game. By shifting the themes and gameplay styles, from psychological horror to surreal adventures, it keeps the players engaged and on their toes. The DLC excels in its use of environmental storytelling, leveraging lighting, sound design, and detailed settings to create a deeply immersive atmosphere.

 The character development is fun to see, with each protagonist offering a unique perspective and emotional depth that enriches the narrative of the episode. Moreover, the introduction of What If…? episodes gives infinite possibilities not only for the next DLC but also for the next game set in the Remedyverse.

Overall, Night Springs is a fun, exciting, and thrilling testament to Remedy Entertainment’s ability to craft compelling, immersive experiences that resonate with both longtime fans and newcomers alike. It also enriches the world of Alan Wake. What is also possible, is the continuation of the themes of those episodes in the upcoming later this year The Lake House DLC.

The Lake House will tell the story of a mysterious government facility based on the shores of Cauldron Lake. We’ll learn more about the secret research conducted there, which went wrong. I think that we may also see in it stories of Alice Wake (Christina Cole), Barry Wheeler (Fred Berman), and Cynthia Weaver who could make their appearance in that DLC.

We could see a What If…? story featuring Alice, who may believe Alan is still alive and try to rescue him from the Dark Place, maybe with the help of Barry. Cynthia Weaver’s character can be used as a source of telling her past with Thomas Zane, how they figured out what is the Dark Place etc. There are many possibilities as to what that DLC may give us. 

Alan Wake 2 DLC Night Springs is now available to play . Are you going to play it? What do you expect to see in the next DLC? Let us know on social media @mycosmiccircus or join The Cosmic Circus Discord server where we have a chat for gaming and so much more!

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