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‘Charmed’ Season Four Review: Still as Charming as Ever

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After the bombshell of a season three finale, Charmed returned this past week on the CW. As excited as I was for the new season, I was nervous about what direction the soft reboot would take after the loss of one of the Charmed ones. Especially when Madeleine Mantock’s leave from the show came as quite a shock. However, any fear I had about Charmed’s continued success was squashed by the end of the season four premiere. Wondering how the power of three was reestablished? Or who the new charmed one was introduced? Let’s see how the remained Charmed ones and the show as a whole recovered in ‘Not That Girl’.

[Warning: Spoilers from Charmed season four premiere are below!]

This season picks up quite a bit of time after the season three finale and neither living sister is dealing with the death of Macy (Madeleine Mantock) very well. Maggie (Sarah Jeffery) along with her boyfriend Jordan (Jordan Donica) has thrown herself into intense demon-slaying. – like Buffy slaying vampires intense. Their opening fight sequence was one of the best scenes in the episode, with well-choreographed combat moves and some exciting interactions between Maggie and Jordan.

Mel (Melonie Diaz) on the other hand threw herself into more personal endeavors to mask her pain. Spending nights in magical bars and in the arms of all different types of magical creatures, before whisking home to teach at the local university. The most heartbreaking part is that neither sister interacts with each other much since Macy’s death. In fact, the first scene we see Mel and Maggie together is filled with tension and incredibly awkward to watch. I found myself wanting to shake both of them into being there for each other.

While these two seem to have found ways to cope, albeit not very well or healthy, Harry (Rupert Evans) is handling his grief even worse. In the few scenes that the audience saw him, he was a shell of his former self. He exhibited anger and annoyance at the thought of someone replacing Macy in the trifecta of witches, something he rarely showed in previous seasons. 

With the loss of Macy ever-present, the show began its pivot by introducing the audience to Michaela (Lucy Barrett) who goes by Kaela. At first, nothing seems to be out of the ordinary about her. She’s a mechanic by day and an artist by night. She’s stubborn, passionate, and continues to fight. For her art and through her cancer diagnosis. Her energy seemed to fit in well with the rest of the cast, as well as bringing a new synergy to the show during a period that it needed it.

Through magic intervention, Kaela ends up meeting Mel and Maggie, whom she keeps dreaming about. In true teen drama fashion, when introduced to the world of magic, she rejects it. That is until her powers of manifestation (bringing objects to life through art) cause some issues for all the witches. As much as I would love for Macy to still be in the show, Kaela feels like a great replacement among the power of three.

The show ends with the re-institution of the power of three and the potential mystery of Kaela’s true identity. Earlier in the episode, it seemed that they were leaning away from her being a sister, the final moments hinted at a familial connection through the girl’s mother. I like the idea of having the Charmed ones remaining sisters among a bloodline, I did raise an eyebrow just a bit at another mystery sister given away at birth. Seems to be a pattern with Mel and Maggie’s mother. But that mystery still needs to unfold over the next twelve episodes.

 The episode gave me everything I wanted and needed from it. Having lost Macy myself last season, I needed some closure. Watching these beloved characters attempt to build a new normal and eventually exhibiting hope for a better future gave me hope as well. As well, the magic continues to get better, with the VFX improving every season from the one before. I’m more excited now than ever to see where the rest of this season goes, as the sisterhood grows once more. What did you think? Do you think Kaela fits in well with the rest of the cast? Let us know in the comments!

Charmed currently airs Fridays on the CW and the next day on the CW app.

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