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The year is already half over, and it has been a cosmically wild ride. It feels like just yesterday we were all warming up a cup of eggnog for our Hawkeye rewatch and gearing up for the new year. New films and television shows have been released at a breakneck pace in 2023, and it’s been hard to keep up with all the good stuff. (We’ve tried! Our Letterboxd accounts are proof.) But fear not, dear reader, for we here at The Cosmic Circus have done the hard work for you. We’ve scoured the airwaves and streaming services to bring you a list of the must-watch television shows of 2023. 

On this episode of the Cosmic Circle, I’m joined by writers Anthony Flagg and John Dotson to discuss their top five television shows of 2023 (so far). They’ll also be sharing some honorable mentions. What do you think will make it to number one? Will your favorite be on the list? Tune in to hear what the Cosmic Crew says about the year’s best television. 

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[Warning: Spoilers from some 2023 television shows are within the podcast! Avert your eyes and do not pass go if you don’t want to know what’s behind the curtain.]


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Ep. 34 Timestamps: 2023 Television Series discussion (Spoilers)

    • 00:18 – Intros
    • 01:00 – SPOILER ALERT for 2023 Television series
    • 01:30 – Top 5 2023 series so far. Anthony’s #5 pick: The Righteous Gemstones
    • 03:10 – John’s #5: The Bear (FX/Hulu)
    • 08:00 – Ayla’s #5: Abbott Elementary (ABC)
    • 10:15 – Ayla’s #4 pick: Jury Duty (Freevee)
    • 12:35 – John’s #4: Pokerface (Peacock)
    • 18:28 – Anthony’s #4: Shrinking (Apple TV)
    • 23:22 – John’s #3 pick: Barry (Max)
    • 27:27 – Anthony’s #3: Abbott Elementary (ABC)
    • 29:00 – Ayla’s #3: Queen Charlotte (Netflix)
    • 30:10 – Ayla’s #2 pick: Silo (Apple TV)
    • 32:50 – Anthony’s #2: Ted Lasso (Apple TV)
    • 37:15 – John’s #2: The Last of Us (Max)
    • 41:55 – Ayla’s #1 pick: ? Listen to find out!
    • 46:50 – Anthony’s #1:?
    • 52:40 – John’s #1: ?
    • 56:40: Honorable mentions for best 2023 TV series
    • 01:00:00 – Outros

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Podcast credits and show notes

  • Ayla Ruby
  • Anthony Flagg
  • John Dotson
Executive Producer/Editor
  • Lizzie Hill

Recorded on 07/09/23

Superhero theme by HumanoideVFX on Pixabay.

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