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In a world absolutely flooded with Superhero and comic book-based films and series it’s hard to stand out. Some things just feel derivative and played out but there are always a few diamonds in the rough. Now I’m not saying comic book-based media is bad, we may very well be entering the golden age of that genre, but none of them have been able to live up to the standard Doom patrol has brought to the stage. Season 3 of Doom Patrol has been nothing short of spectacular, with a brilliant, character-driven story that humanizes those that are often portrayed as gods, and a finale that sets the tone for what’s sure to be an exciting fourth season. 

While she was quite a joy of a character, shifting the focus from Dorothy and back onto the residents of Doom Manor was the show’s best possible course of action, as Dorothy’s story had wrapped up and the show wasn’t looking to have her overstay her welcome. The finale really brings the team together with some of the most important character developments that fans have been jonesing for to fruition. The series perfectly juggles all five of the main team members alongside developing its Sisterhood of Dada and Madame Rouge. 

April Bowlby is the standout this season, owning the screen since her debut in Titans season one, but this season has given her the room she needs to breathe and really expand. The finale has set Rita on a fantastic path forward, embracing the abilities she once saw as a curse and becoming the Elastiwoman, but it’s Browbly’s performance that really ties it all together with so much heart and emotion that makes you feel as if you lived those decades with her in the Ant farm alongside Malcolm. 

Larry, Cliff, Jane, and Vic are all given new leases on life as they’ve all begun to find some sort of closure on the issues that have plagued them for decades. With some loose ends still not tied up it feels as if the series is ready to show the characters in a brand new light The season ends feeling as if it’s come full circle, the group has decided that they are indeed ready to become “The Chief’s badass, crime-fighting, Doom Patrol” but on their own terms, mirroring the first team that was defeated by the likes of Mr.Nobody. 

Villains have taken often taken a backseat in Doom patrol, it’s not that they aren’t present, it’s just their biggest foes often themselves. But there’s a new and refreshing spin on series villains this time around, with Michelle Gomez as Madame Rouge being such a delightful wildcard that always seems to be working in her own self-interest. But it’s the second chance that the team gives her at the end that allows for Gomez to grow even further as Rouge and redeem herself. But it’s the Sisterhood of Dada that really turns the team on its heads, meeting their equals, it’s the sisterhood that actually helps the team become their best selves, and allows for many of the main characters to accept their past misdeeds and move on. 

In the end, it’s Doom Patrols’fearless nature that ties it all together in the end. This season offers a fun and emotional romp that gives its characters the much-needed push forward and onto a brighter path. The team is more together than they’ve ever been, and the excellent character development that continues to approve upon each season and keep us crawling back for more. 

[Editor’s Note: This article was written by John Sabato.]

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