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‘Doom Patrol’ Season 4 Part 2 Review: Emotional Ending with Focus on The Main Characters

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It’s been almost a year since part 1 of Doom Patrol’s season 4 was released. With the mysterious cliffhanger ending we got, it was frustrating that we had to wait that long for part 2. Doom Patrol season 4 part 2 is almost here and it’s the finale of the whole series. So let’s dive in and after such an extended wait, and explore the final episodes of this wild and quirky DC series a bit.

[Warning: mild spoilers and impressions from Doom Patrol season 4 part 2 are below.]

Doom Patrol series finale is something this show deserves

True to its reputation, Doom Patrol season 4 part 1 didn’t disappoint when it came to the expected level of craziness and weird action. If you thought the previous episodes were as bizarre as it gets, brace yourself. The second half of this season picks up right where we left off. Right from the beginning, Doom Patrol takes the level of craziness to unprecedented heights.

As we journey through the history of Doom Patrol, we discover that the team has been imprisoned by followers of Immortus. Currently, they’ve lost their longevity, and are getting older and older with each day. But it’s not what these 6 final episodes are about. There are three main arcs in part 2 of season 4, and they are divided into two episodes each.

The first two episodes are about the consequences of The Doom Patrol’s decisions and what it would look like if they were praised and famous for stopping evil (also being the second most popular “attraction” in town). Because there’s someone else who is pulling the strings to manipulate everything there is in order to be a narcissistic and pedantic God. But you know the saying, “How you love yourself is how you teach others to love you.” This is a very accurate description of the activities of this person.

Doom Patrol season 3 finale review
Image from The Doom Patrol (DC/Max)

Another set of episodes are kind of “What If…?” episodes, but happening in this world in real time. There’s a musical episode in which action is happening during Christmas, but it tells a very different story. It’s about accepting Doom Patrol’s feelings for each other but also for themselves. That’s where the second episode drops with a much more darker yet optimistic goal.

In order to properly represent the road they’ve taken to come from being losers to being heroes in the final two episodes, you have to break them. We see some weird scenes happening where heroes confront their darkest/most meaningful moments that changed them. But because they’re experiencing them in one of the weirdest ways, we can accept it.

Yet, when it comes to the whole lesson from that episode, I have to say that it’s really deep. All due to the events happening in Cliff’s (Brendan Fraser) story. Cliff’s part of the story is both emotional and kind of amazing, to be honest.

The last two episodes are a closure of everything that happened in our heroes’ lives. There’s a whole big threat, old friends appearing again (sort of), weird stuff going on, and everything you have come to expect from Doom Patrol. But when it came to the final minutes and the ending, I was really surprised. Honestly, I’ve thought that there was no way to end such a weird, confusing, mixed-in style and full-of humor-series in such a sad, fulfilling, amazing, and compassionate way. Every hero has their own ending, but not spoiling anything, the last scene is the one that got me the hardest. It’s the one that made me cry for 20 minutes and left me in pieces.

Beloved Doom Patrol characters still as important and well-written

Characters are written very well and are still very interesting. The best duos of Doom Patrol season 4 part 2 are Rita (April Bowlby) with Madame Rogue (Michelle Gomez), and Larry (Matt Bomer) with Mr. 104 (Sendhil Ramamurthy). What they’ve shown is really deep and emotional on many levels. Without spoiling anything, you can easily take different characters and mix them up together, cause when it comes to those episodes, everything works.

Every relationship is thoroughly thought about and they have a purpose. There’s no need to force a dialogue or some scenes. It comes naturally and you feel that characters are behaving in a logical (for them) way. Many scenes are just a way of saying goodbye to the series, either from the actors playing Jane (Diane Guerrero), Dorothy (Abi Monterey), Rita, Cliff, Vic (Joivan Wade), and Madame Rogue or from writers.

Michelle Gomez Madame Rogue Doom Patrol
Michelle Gomez as Madame Rogue in ‘Doom Patrol’ (DC/Max)

When it comes to the writing, it seems like every writer gave their best to this series. Those episodes are filled with passion and love for the characters and the show. Everything makes sense (as much as it has to), and all that crazy stuff going around is just a way of having fun. Fans are given a lot of exciting moments that will stay with them for a long time. Especially after the final episode of Doom Patrol airs.

This series effectively takes viewers into the narrative journey that showcases the characters still facing their weaknesses, but still supporting each other. They’re getting more and more proud of who they are, and are accepting who they are, and how can they be better. The Doom Patrol has evolved into a family, and this connection adds to the overall humanity of this season. The culmination of it all can be seen in the final episode of the series.  

Every character is pivotal to the story, making it more emotional

The most captivating element of Doom Patrol for me this season was the focus more on our heroes rather than the villain that was either lurking in the shadows or just attacking them from nowhere. Each episode is an amazing journey full of Easter eggs, connecting with each other, epic moments, strange situations, and emotionally charged scenes. This series’ trademark combination of craziness, unpredictability, and emotional depth really overcame my expectations, and I’m happy with it.

Furthermore, Doom Patrol benefits from high-quality production values. The visual effects maybe aren’t like they are from really big-budget productions, but they work. The attention to detail in costume design and set pieces is always astonishing and really good. It adds a lot to the immersive side of the show, creating a visually stunning world for the characters to live in.

In addition to its entertaining, funny, weird, and emotional value, Doom Patrol also pushes boundaries in terms of inclusivity and representation. The series develops characters with diverse backgrounds and experiences, addressing social issues in a way that feels organic to the narrative. But it’s also showing us another side of already-developed characters that feels really natural and not forced. Which is one of the most important parts of showing aspects of a “coming out” moment.

Doom Patrol season 4 part 2 gives characters and fans an ending they deserve

Doom Patrol Season 4 Part 2 has one of the best episodes in the whole series giving us the ending that we as viewers deserve. But it’s the characters that we love that deserved this ending more. I think that the ending each of the characters have makes sense and doesn’t feel rushed at the ending of the show. Thus it makes this ending even more awesome and sad.

Doom Patrol season 4 part 2 premieres on October 12th exclusively on Max , with new episodes releasing weekly. Are you watching the series finale of Doom Patrol? Are you sad to see this series ending? Let us know on social media @mycosmiccircus or The Cosmic Circus Discord.

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