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Welcome back, campers, to another year at Camp Half-Blood, and the latest episode of The Cosmic Circle! We’re big fans of the world of Percy Jackson over here and have been following along with the exciting adventure on Disney+’s Percy Jackson and the Olympians. The series stars Walker Scobell as Percy, the Demi-god son of Poseidon, who must venture across America with friends Annabeth (Leah Jeffries) and Grover (Aryan Simhadri). Together, this trio of heroes must find Zeus’ missing lightning bolt before an all-out war between the Gods breaks out.

Join host Brian Kitson, along with writers Ayla Ruby and Anthony Flagg, as they discuss all the highs and lows of the first 5 episodes of this exciting new series. Find out how they got started in Rick Riordan’s world, what they’ve enjoyed in the series, and what God they’d be born to!

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Ep. 49 Timestamps: Percy Jackson & The Olympians (Spoilers)

00:17 – Intros

01:50 – How did you first get into Percy Jackson’s world? (books and movies discussion)

07:42 – Did you rewatch or reread just before this new series came out?

09:35 – What do you think about the series so far? (Episodes 1-5)

19:45 – The showrunners working with Rick Riordan and changes made from the original stories. 

22:24 – The issues of continuing the story when child actors quickly grow up. 

25:06 – Potential for different works and worlds being adapted from Percy Jackson stories.

28:25 – The developing friendship between Percy, Annabeth, and Grover.

36:07 – Who stands out the most in this series? Exciting characters and actors still to come.

42:00 – Thoughts on a season 1 post credit to tease the next season.

43:41 – The fate of Sally

45:25 – Grief in the series

50:53 – Favorite monster in the series?

55:30 – The Fates

57:26 – Will they change up the reveal of who stole Zeus’ lightning bolt?

59:55 – The group takes a quiz. Which Cabin At Camp Half-Blood From “Percy Jackson” Would You Belong In?  (via Buzzfeed)

01:05:35 – Final thoughts on the first 5 episodes

01:06:00 – Outros

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Podcast credits and show notes

  • Anthony Flagg
  • Ayla Ruby
  • Brian Kitson
Executive Producer/Editor
  • Lizzie Hill

Recorded on 1/14/24

Superhero theme by HumanoideVFX on Pixabay.

Percy Jackson and The Olympians is the Adaptation We’ve Been Waiting For

Percy Jackson And The Olympians Disney+ Banner

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