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Cosmic Circle Ep. 31: ‘The Flash’ Movie Discussion (Spoilers)

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After a decade since it was first announced, The DCEU’s The Flash movie has finally arrived in theaters. It’s been a long journey to bring Barry Allen and his powers of lightning speed to the silver screen, but fans of the witty speedster are excited to finally see the final product. With the arrival of The Flash, the beginning of the end has begun for the DECU, with just two more films left to close out the chapter. So in honor of this new DC film, we couldn’t wait to break it all down in our The Flash discussion.

Join host Brian Kitson, along with fellow writers Drew Reed and Wiktor Reinfuss as they break down the highs and lows from The Flash. Listen as they tell you their favorite parts, what didn’t work for them, and just what cameo in the film is their favorite. They also speculate about the future of the DC films and how the DCEU can reach a proper swan song. All this and more can be heard in this newest exciting episode of The Cosmic Circle!

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[Warning: Spoilers from The Flash are within the podcast!]

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Ep. 31: The Flash movie discussion (SPOILERS)


    • 00:18 – Intros
    • 01:18 – When did you see The Flash?
    • 02:15 – Where does The Flash rank among other DCEU films?
    • 06:30 – Spoiler Alert!
    • 06:50 – What did you like about the movie?
    • 11:11 – Bad CGI discussion
    • 13:34 – Ben Affleck’s Batman. Best Batfleck to date?
    • 14:00 – Barry Allen’s story in this. Fun Barry story vs balancing the heavier elements. Ezra Miller’s performance in the film.
    • 14:50 – How did you feel about the villains in the story?
    • 16:00 – The box office and chances of there being a sequel.
    • 17:09 – Best Flashpoint adaptation discussion
    • 19:49 – Zod wasted? Michael Shannon’s performance.
    • 22:25 – Dark Flash discussion.
    • 25:30 – Heartbreaking story of this film.
    • 26:45 – What or who stood out, that didn’t get utilized enough?
    • 28:14 – Sasha Calle’s performance as Supergirl.
    • 31:21 – Talking about previous versions of the movie.
    • 41:35 – Who else from DC films or TV series would you have liked to see in the movie?
    • 46:50 – Are people checking out from the DCEU early? What about Blue Beetle and Aquaman 2?
    • 50:50 – Discussing the beginning of the DCU with James Gunn.
    • 53:30 – Final thoughts on The Flash
    • 56:00 – Outros

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Podcast credits and show notes

    • Brian Kitson
    • Drew Reed
    • Wiktor Reinfuss
Executive Producer/Editor
    • Lizzie Hill

Recorded on 06/17/23


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